Business Credit Cards Provide Additional Cash Flow

Business credit cards can offer quick solutions for companies that need additional cash flow, while funds or access to funds may be low. They can be perfect for small businesses and larger corporations alike. Most companies offer the ability for businesses to have several cards for multiple employees with access to the same account. Some can even be personalized with each employee’s name, or other safety features.

Annual Fees

Many business cards come with an annual fee. While many of the larger companies offer accounts with no annual fees as an incentive, if a card doesn’t have an annual fee it is often at the sacrifice of a higher interest rate. If looking into a business card, be sure to find one that suits your needs. Having an annual fee may be worth it if the rewards are good. For example, the Chase Ink Cash Business cards have an extra bonus for office supplies of 5% cash back over their standard bonus of 1% cash back for all other items.

Other Fees and Interest Rates

Business credit cards can be a life saver for small businesses or a final nail in the coffin for a struggling one. The biggest problems that many run into with business credit cards are the shift on the interest rates, or the start of fees that begin when certain qualifications aren’t met. Some cards begin having a fee or an increased APR after a certain time or when a certain purchase level is not reached.

Specific Business Cards

American Express is one of the most prevalent card companies in the business credit card industry. American Express offers several cards like the American Express Business Platinum Card. This card has an added cash back bonus after a spending threshold is met within the first three months of owning the cards. While this card holds a heavy annual fee of $450, the trade off is that there are no pre-set spending limits.

Another specialized choice is the Chase Ink Bold card. While this card has an annual fee of $95 after the first year, it boasts no interest. This card, along with the entire line of Chase Ink cards, requires excellent credit.

If you ever need to fly for your business, it would benefit you to get the bonuses for frequent flyers like the Delta Sky Miles card from American express. Sometimes the best choice is to give up cash back for other perks. The Plum Card from American Express offers a very low annual percentage rate of 10%, and even lower when paid off sooner, in lieu of reward programs.

How to Ace Business Credit Card Comparison

If you are a small business owner like me, you probably know the important of business credit cards to your business. Business credit allows you to operate your business and pay your employees when you have no cash at hand. It helps you keep your business open in tough times.

Finding a right business credit card could be the difference between you saving thousands for your business or getting the stick from card issuers. There are hundreds of business card offers on the market, but not everyone is right for your business.

In order to find the right card for your business, you should figure out what it is that you want to accomplish with your credit line. Here is how to compare business card offers effectively:

Issuer Reputation: you should take into account the card issuer’s reputation before applying for a card. Credit issuers that do not treat their customers right should be avoided at all cost. You have to run your business and shouldn’t have to deal with your card issuer on a regular basis too.

Rates: as a part of your business credit card comparison process , you should find out what card gives you the biggest bang for your buck. A low interest credit line can help you save on your interest fees when you don’t have cash to pay your balance in full.

Fees: you should always read the terms and conditions to find out about your card’s fees. You should specifically pay attention to balance transfer, cash advance, convenience check, and foreign transaction fees.

Bonus Offers: if you are looking for a rich reward card, you should look for business cards that provide you with the best rewards structure. You should pay extra attention to limitations such as air travel restrictions, qualifying purchase restrictions, and any limits on how much you can earn.

Grace Period: you should find out about your grace period before signing the dotted line. If your business has cash flow issues, you should go with cards that offer you a longer grace period (e.g. the AMEX Plum).

The Business credit card comparison process is one that should not be taken lightly. Your business credit line is your business’ livelihood, so you should make sure you do your due diligence and apply for the offer that is absolutely right for your business.

Is There Really Such Thing As A True Home Based Business?

I work at home. I’m married with two children. Home based businesses really do exist. Let me tell you the truth of the matter though. They are not all play and no work. You really do have to work to make a go of anything. You wouldn’t plant a tree and expect it to grow in a drought with no water would you? The same holds true for any business, even a home based business, of which I have several.

Let’s start with business venture number one:

I was a radio DJ working 5-6 days a week for minimum wage. I was doing the morning show for our local radio station and killing myself with no sleep. Having 2 young children and a husband on second shift was just too much for me. I needed to be there for my kids but yet need to bring in at least what I was making or more to get by. So I got to the end of my rope and quit my job to go on to start my own mobile DJ business.

Well yes, we had to charge all of our equipment and put a lot of effort into the beginning. But now, I only work when I want to, weekends only of course. And I can take off when I want to for vacation time in the summer. I pull in five times what I was making at the radio station in a good month. On the flipside of it all. It is work to maintain it all. You need to clean your equipment and update your music and all that good stuff. The best part is, I love what I do.

The worst part is that when things break or need replaced it takes a good chunk of change to fix them for this kind of business.

Let’s look at the second business:

Well, my husband got laid off from his job. Things were looking horrible. It was now 4 months with no work. We needed a residual income plan of action. His grandmother had given us an acre of land right next to us which used to be farmland. It was all workable good ground. I pondered and thought and never gave up. I was not going to waste this land.

So we took this as opportunity and have planted over 140 different blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, peach, plum, cherry, elderberry, currant, pear, apple, chestnut, walnut, butternut, grapes, and almond trees and bushes. We now have our organic fruit and nut farm called “The Berry Patch”. For which long hours of devotion and research have paid off.

The good thing is that once the plants are producing well this is residual income in several different locations. We can sell directly from our feild as U-Pick or to retailers packaged, or at farmers markets. In this manner we can change our prices according to how the product is sold.

There really is no downside because we love the outdoors and working out there. It’s set up like a sort of paradise. It’s inviting and warm, and is very relaxing to work in.

We really don’t have a projected income just yet. But I have a feeling with the research put into it, our yields will be great!

Now, business number three is an Independent Business Ownership. This is done working through a company that you can work through your friends, family, acquaintances and others. You can also work through the internet. There is profit to be made through the things you yourself purchase and also through the things that those who are in your downline purchase.

This is a great venture for anyone who is seeking residual income who lives in or near a large city. The most growth potential is there. You can quickly build your downline and get fast results if you work the program as your upline directs you to. This is popular in Pittsburgh, PA.

You can definitely achieve your goals with these types of businesses for sure. I have seen proof. I am proof.

The key is to feed your business ventures with positive attitude and don’t give up before you start.

Business is work, employment is work. To own a business or work for yourself is permanent employment.