Over the Age of 50 and Learning an Online Business?

So what’s the saying these days? It’s that the new 50+ year old person is the physical equivalent of a buff 30 year old, right? Why not? It’s a super cool notion with universal appeal and of course, everybody is looking so much younger these days. I mean with all the new super nutrients, vitamins, energy drinks, supplements, yoga, plastic surgery and spiritual crowd feel good stuff; why wouldn’t you look great! I wish the economy looked as good as some of my 50+ year old friends. This economy has quite a few of my friends worried both here in the U.S. and abroad.  So what gives with all these old timers trying to become internet rock stars anyways?  They’re freaked out about their kids and grandchildren, so they want to master something new so they can pass something on to the kids.  It’s purely a legacy play!

A lot of my friends were heavily invested into the market, real estate and other toxic assets that have made their retirement portfolios turn into ugly ducklings that never laid the golden egg. Many of these people were already retired but now their circumstances have completely changed. You know, with the kids, extra vacations, beach homes, down town condos, and things that you did at the time that seemed perfectly fine until the financial tsunami hit. The thought of starting over at age 50+ is daunting at best, and the option of making an investment into a new business at a time when our economy is contracting doesn’t really make sense. That’s common sense and financial cents!  Sure, the smart bet is on the deeply discounted buys that exist today, but the smart money is still on the sidelines waiting it out.

So for my friends that have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on they’ve identified with me that the internet is very hot right now. We all waited around for the big alternative energy boom and the trickle down from the government bail out, but for most American’s nothing has materialized. Nobody in my crowd is really a dooms day fanatic but when you analyze the U.S. economy we just don’t see the job growth on the horizon. If you don’t have the job growth, then how can you expect the consumer markets to rebound? Hence, the internet becomes attractive because of the global marketing reach and the relatively low risk associated with getting involved. In the internet world you can be up and running with a business within hours if not days with little or no capital outlay. So many of my friends have visions of sugar plums in their eyes and dreams of becoming internet rock stars. There’s only one problem with this scenario, they refuse to learn the mechanics of what it really takes to run an online business.

Oh sure, you can outsource all that stuff right? But my friends are cheap and most of them are seasoned business people that are accustom to being in charge, might we add they are control freaks. Hence, they couldn’t outsource something right now if they wanted to. So I’ve developed this following of elders that wants to get into the internet marketing game on the SEO side of it. The problem is they don’t want to outsource the task of SEO or the marketing tasks associated with an online business. So what do I tell them? Hey dude, here are all my gurus, just plug into to them and watch their videos, if you don’t understand it then watch it 100 times. This is when we start to get the fish out of water syndrome. The highly competent people, typically veterans of business and captains of industry start to turn green on me.

It’s not too uncommon that I’m now dealing with 5 to 7 counseling sessions a day and I’m now having to get a little rude with my friends in order to protect my time. It’s not like they don’t have the time or money to master the marketing of an online business. What do they do? They start to cry on me and share all their secret insecurities with me. They start to tell me all of their excuses like they can’t type, spell, read, write, talk, or that their eyes go cross from the computer screen. So what’s up with that, just outsource it, you already live in a 20,000 sqft home, what’s the problem. It really freaks me out because these are substantial people, were talking about people that fly on private jets if you know what I mean.

So my best method of coping with this at the moment is to share with these people ridicules examples of what it might have been like for others before them who were faced with new technology. Could you imagine somebody in the late 80’s or early 90’s refusing to adapt to cell phones. Sure, it might be okay for a few years, but move the clock ahead to now and it would be insane not to adapt. Besides that where are you going to find a pay phone, that’s probably not going to happen. So I try to tell my friends that it’s about activity mastery. If you read the bible 50 times, there’s a high probability that you’ll know the bible well enough to open your own church. So the real question with this internet marketing and baby boomer crowd is this: Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Absolutely! Always be learning. I believe that learning any new skill, trade, strategy or trick, is no different than mastering a new language. After all, SEO or search engine optimization is a language. If I’m going to learn any language whether that’s a dialect, strategy, concept or skill, I like to focus in on the vocabulary or nomenclature of the words. You simply need to take it one step at a time and be patient with it! I have on numerous occasion pointed out multiple resources to my friends of which many have capitalized on based on my recommendations. There are more gurus out there in the world than you can shake a stick at. Some of my favorites are Ed Dale, Perry Marshall, Mike Dillard and Frank Kern.

Oh well, I think in the end my friends will need to outsource, but I’d really like to see them simply open their minds to the possibility that even old dogs can learn new tricks! The geriatric clinics are full of cell phones need you more inspiration!