All I Want For Christmas is a Successful Internet Business – Impossible Wish Or Realistic Goal?

With the end of year quickly approaching and the thoughts of having financial freedom more prominent than ever, many are dreaming of the magic delivery of a successful Internet business at their doorstep (or fireplace). While it is good and even healthy to have dreams and desire for success, having unrealistic expectations regarding how that dream will be realized is the number one reason that people fail at online business.

There is so much doom and gloom surrounding the economy and more people losing jobs everyday, which leads to looking desperately for a way to replace lost income. Many turn to the Internet with good intentions of starting an online business. They hear or see promises of easy instant riches, ordinary people turning into online millionaires and endless opportunities, which on the surface look to be legitimate.

So where do folks go wrong?

The Internet does not require an advanced education, it doesn’t require experience with internet marketing or complex computer software coding, it doesn’t require that you show up everyday or that you prove yourself to the interviewer and hiring manager before you can start to earn a living. All of that is true and therein lays the problem. Many are lulled into thinking that if anyone can do it and it doesn’t require any experience it must be as easy as just getting one as a gift.

The number one reason people fail at online business is unrealistic expectations. Too many set the bar for income earning very high and the expectation for their own learning curve and involvement very low. This is an absolute recipe for disaster.

Though unfortunate, it is a reasonable conclusion to come to based upon all the research one can do online. It actually seems realistic on the surface. Then people get started, buy a few programs, set up a free website or blog and when the money doesn’t come in…they quit and join the 95% of all others who also try and then fail in this industry.

How to become one of the 5% who are successful

You can do it, it is simple and it does not require past experience or that you prove to anyone but yourself that you can and are willing to do it. Following are 3 tips to ensure your online success:

Set realistic expectations

  • It stands to reason that the more you would like to earn, the more work you will have to put into the business
  • If you have no previous experience expect the learning curve to be steep and ongoing – if you want to earn on the Internet you must learn Internet marketing strategies and business to be successful
  • Your riches will likely not be instant, be patient and persistent, building a solid business foundation takes time

Copy the successful practices of other Internet marketers. Find duplicatable systems and programs that you can adopt in your business.

  • There are nearly endless turnkey internet business opportunities with proven systems available
  • There are also several credible and informative forums where you can learn best practices and ask questions of more experienced internet marketers without the worry of a sales pitch – WarriorForum is an excellent one
  • If you like more individualized guidance and attention you can look into an internet mentor or coach to give you step by step advice and education

Know your strengths, skills and interests and choose something that you love to do or already have knowledge about.

  • Internet marketing takes dedication, perseverance and a ton of content; choosing a topic you already know and love will help to keep you interested and passionate about creating content on it for a long time to come
  • If you do not choose a topic you already know be prepared for a long learning curve and a slower time to profit
  • If you choose something that you are already good at the business will follow naturally – you can take any offline talent or interest and create a very profitable online business

The dream of a successful Internet business for Christmas is an attainable one. And, in my opinion there is never a bad time to begin to build recession proof income for your future. If you want to be one of the 5% who succeed in this industry then set realistic expectations for your sugar plum dreams, accept help from those who have succeeded before you and choose something you know and love.