The Voice of Experience in Business Management One Size Does Not Fit All

In management as in life one size seldom fits all. What is appropriate for a given company, firm, organization or set of employees at one point in time, or their growth state or maturity may well not be appropriate or the best at a given point in time. Yet many companies, firms, organizations or management structures still apply a cookie cutter one size fits all.

Where does this come from? Lack of depth of understanding is one cause. Often in business – the flavor of the year – used elsewhere and in other settings is taken totally out of context by staff or management with little frames of reference and depth. Take just in delivery of supplies as one example taken to extreme. In Japan with small distances this may well have made sense. Yet taken to North American manufacturing it was often taken out of context to ridiculous levels. Distances and logistics are certainly different in North America – that is the US, Canada and Mexico. Whereas in Japan the country is fairly small and distances large, in the US distances and the span between suppliers may be on a vast scale. Thus American business and manufacturing was often laid out on a practice of storing large amounts of manufacturing stock and supplies. To specific cases of American business and manufacturing it made good sense to have stock on hand.

Enter Japanese style “Just in Time” delivery practices as an important basis of how the “Japanese are beating American businesses” and you have examples of a philosophy, tactics and strategies of business and management practices taken totally out of hand and context. Stories avail and are now routine of courier drivers having a plum job of driving one small part from a factory in the Canadian parries all the way to the American Midwest just to deliver that one part “Just on Time”. In the same manner it is no accident that high end just in time courier delivery services flourish.

What is the lesson of all of this? In management it is seldom a case of one size fits all.If something is working in your business or even if its not working 100 % it is not a good idea to jump on the latest fad or favor of the year just because either “everyone is doing it “, “it is hot” and as well to put new & potentially exotic well meaning ideas as well as innovative and far reaching procedures of doing business in context. Next take the time, effort and energy as well to apply apply some depth of understanding and context into systems of analysis and eventual integration if so chosen. In solid truth and practice the lessons of experience teach that overall you can count on the fact that one size in management does not fit all.

90 Day Interest Free Credit Card From Advanta – The Plum Killer

Unless you haven’t been watching TV or reading newspapers for a while, you have probably heard of the hyped up Plum card from American Express. The Plum card used to be the only card that allowed small businesses to manage their cash flow operations more effectively by delaying their debt payments by up to 2 month (with no interest). The Plum card was so popular and hyped up that a lot of small business went out of their way to get their hands on it and take advantage of its benefit. So it is no surprise that other card issuers are taking a page out of American Express’ book to introduce cards with similar features.

The latest card that comes with similar, if not better, features is the Advanta Platinum 90-Day Interest Free BusinessCard. The 90 days grace card that has just been released by Advanta allows cardholders to defer their payments by up to 3 months. Advanta makes it clear on its credit card application page that the 90 day offer is not an introductory offer, which means that you should expect no major surprises on your bill year after year as far as this feature is concerned.

Advanta also offers generous credit limits to small business owners to allow them to use the 90 days interest free card more effectively. So you will have enough credit line to cover your business expenses and more with the Advanta interest free Platinum card. The 90 Days Grace Card comes with a set of platinum rewards which allow you to earn a point for each dollar spent with this card and use it towards travel and merchandise for your small business. In addition, there is no annual fees which sets this card apart from the Plum card (which comes with $185 annual fee).

The only downside to the Advanta 90 day card in comparison to the Plum card is lack of any rewards for paying your bill early. The Plum card gives small business owners a larger percentage in cash back if they pay their bills within 10 days. In addition, the Plum card allows you to defer 90% of your payments for 2 month. With the Advanta 90 day interest free card, you will still be required to make minimum payments but you won’t be charged any interest fees for three months.

While both the Plum cards and Advanta 90 day cards are designed for small businesses and start-ups, they are not for every business owner. If you are planning to put a large sum on your credit card and pay it gradually within 3 months or more, then the Advanta card might be right for you. But if you are hoping to defer your payments for 60 days only, then the Plum card is a better choice. Unlike the Plum card, you don’t have to pay your Advanta debt in full after your 3 months period is over. So that is a big plus for smaller businesses who won’t realize their cash in-flows in three months. If you are a small business or start-up owner and you are looking for a card that allows you to manage your cash flows more effectively, you should definitely review both the Advanta 90 day and the Plum card to find the card that helps you save the most for your business